Requirements WP1

WP 1 has the role of providing high-level requirements to drive the design of infrastructure in WP 2, but will also provide detailed user requirements to drive the development work carried out on the data integration platform in WP 3, the processing functionalities in WP 4 and the visualisation solutions in WP 5.

It also has implications on the system integration to be carried out in WP 6. WP 1 is also responsible for providing tangible test criteria to ensure the feasibility of testing against requirements, carried out in WP 7.


There are three task to be fulfilled:

  • Task 1.1: Requirements Infrastructure and Methodology (Fraunhofer, ALL consortium partners) Within this task, we will investigate requirement handling and then make the choice of the most appropriate methodology in accordance with the development work packages. Setting up the IT infrastructure required for the analysis phase and also later in the development and integration phases is then carried out.

  • Task 1.2: High-level requirement identification (FOMI, ALL consortium partners) The start of development planning requires the definition of basic high-level requirements based on the state of the art, identification of key issues to be resolved, and determination of the progress to be acquired over the state of the art. This will be done with the involvement of project partners having deep insight into the current state of the art in all areas where IQmulus aims at generating significant progress.

  • Task 1.3: User requirement survey (IGN, ALL consortium partners) The overall aim in this phase is the investigation of user needs by the involvement of both consortium-internal and external users. Moreover, a stakeholder analysis will identify additional prospective users who may influence or who may be impacted by the system. Identification of user needs will be done by means of analysis workshops, interviews, questionnaires and the submission of individual requirements.