Dissemination and Outreach WP8

Main goals of the Workpackage 8

  • Coordinate the scientific dissemination of project results;
  • Coordinate the outreach activities to the general public;
  • Organize the relationship with the stakeholders in the IQmulus User Group;
  • Provide training material for evaluation and outreach;
  • Organize an IQmulus Processing Contests.

Descriptions of the working tasks:

Task 8.1: Dissemination (SINTEF, all consortium partners)

The task activities are planned to

  • Set up and maintain the IQmulus project web site for open dissemination of project developments and results to the scientific community and general public;
  • Develop a dissemination plan to coordinate the publication of scientific papers and presentations at international conferences, which is then updated regularly;
  • Organize the project’s outreach activities to the general public;
  • Organize annual workshops (typically in conjunction with an important international conference in the field) on the main scientific IQmulus results.

Task 8.2: The IQmulus User Group (FOMI, all consortium partners )

Organize the stakeholders in the IQmulus User Group: while the actual user interviews, questionnaires, and assessment and validation activities are carried out in WP1 and WP7, respectively, the User Group is the organizational unit to involve the stakeholders and inform them about the ongoing activities and results, and that issues calls for participation in specificat

ion, testing, assessment and validation exercises.

Task 8.3: Standardization (HRW, MOSS)

Organize the project’s relations and interactions with standards bodies such as OGC and ISO.

Task 8.4: Training Materials (UCL, TUDelft, Fraunhofer)

Develop a training concept and materials with which a wider community can be trained in different settings, ranging from on-site trainings to workshops to individual self-training.

Task 8.5: IQmulus Processing Contest (IMATI, IGN, SINTEF, FOMI, UCL, TUDelft, UBO, Ifremer)

Focus of the task will be the dissemination of IQmulus results on data processing by means of setting up and running yearly contests, open to the whole scientific community as well as user groups, on research issues which are relevant to the WP4 area of work.