Assessment and Evaluation WP7

The outcomes of the IQmulus effort will be assessed in close cooperation with the members of the User Group to validate the work in three different assessment cycles, the first one on individual prototypes, the second on the first integrated system prototype, and the third on the final system.

The members of the User Group will be heavily involved in the assessment cycles, either at meetings organized for the User Group or in individual sessions, for which a considerable workload is foreseen.

In the final cycle these meetings also have a training component to familiarize the users with the far reaching features of the IQmulus approach.

Description of the Tasks:

  • Task 7.1: Assessment methods (IGN, Fraunhofer, UCL, TUDelft ) 

In this task, the partners will define the methodology to be used for all assessments that will be carried out in the project. Specifically this includes the design of the experiments used to measure qualitative and quantitative improvements brought by the IQmulus system.  The usability of the visualization approaches developed in WP5 will be evaluated as part of the scenario-oriented evaluation. 

  • Task 7.2: Assessment of prototype components (TUDelft, Fraunhofer, MOSS, HRW, IGN) 

The initial prototype development is mostly a feasibility study in which innovative approaches to processing and visualisation are implemented. Therefore, the prototype components developed until M18 (such as the basic processing services toolkit including the DSLs) will be acceptance tested in this task. Members of the User Group will be involved to determine the usefulness of these components in light of the requirements from WP1.

  • Task 7.3: Assessment of the first system prototype (FOMI, all consortium partners)

With the integration of some components starting in PM24 and the first prototypes for the two application scenarios functional in PM27, the second assessment cycle involving the User Group will last from PM24 to PM30 based on the updated user requirements.

  • Task 7.4: Assessment of the final system and user training (FOMI, all consortium partners)

With the end of the development phase and the availability of the final prototypes for both application scenarios in PM 42, the final assessment cycle will be carried out with the members of the User Group from M42 to M48. This does not only mean a validation of the IQmulus platform and services based on the requirements elaborated in WP1 but also training of the members of the User Group in the use of the IQmulus services in light of the exploitation model from WP9 and based on the training material from WP8.