The IQmulus Network is a network of independent organisations - Centres of Competence - starting and growing based on the organisations that, together, formed the consortium of the IQmulus project. Membership is free and yields a number of benefits including:

- Information exchange between the members;

- Coverage of a broad range of topics;

- Exchange of solutions and knowhow;

- An expanded network to leverage future opportunities;

- A common entry point for interested parties with branding which gives momentum to initiatives.

Each member organisation names at least one representative to the network. The board of representatives is led by the coordinator and is responsible for taking decisions as mutually agreed. Accordingly, the representatives coordinate and execute the activities of the network. The board comes together at regularly scheduled virtual meetings as arranged by the coordinator.

Beyond coordination and maintenance of the Network website, the Network is organised only around the relative interests of the participants. This organisation is fluid and responds to the needs of the organisations wishing to participate. Broadly, this divides into two areas:

- activities associated with infrastructure elements for point cloud and coverage processing, including maintenance of ICT infrastructure elements and visualisation technologies;

- activities associated with use cases and integration of these with appropriate ICT infrastructures including land, marine and urban examples.

The founder members of the IQmulus Network are signatories to a flexible legal agreement which enables them to individually exploit jointly created IP and also form partnerships to do so. It is called the CoCoA-LiTE agreement and is offered to all members of the IQmulus Network as a simple and convenient method of licencing joint activities. It functions as a legal exploitation framework whereby exploitable outcomes from a consortium project can be licenced and managed on a long term basis. It consists of a single document containing three basic elements:
1. Centre of Competence Agreement (CoCoA): For managing changes to the licencing and IP arrangements after the conclusion of the project.
2. Licencing and Transfer for Exploitation (LiTE): An agreement giving basic overall terms for licencing and transferring IP between consortium members.
3. Appendices to the CoCoA-LiTE sections, one for each exploitable outcome. ‘Individual’ outcomes belonging to single consortium partners are listed alongside ‘Common’ outcomes belonging to a set of partners. The common outcomes can be made up of individual outcomes or they can stand alone.  Each appendix can contain specific, bespoke clauses and modifications required by the parties.