Given a new data set a cartography expert is tasked with the update of an existing 3D catalogue of urban topographic objects, such as the detection of buildings for monitoring and cadastral updating or individual tree extraction from urban LMMS (Laser Mobile Mapping Systems) data.

The following user story is formulating the purposes of this Urban Showcase:

The following workflows were generated to demonstrate IQmulus functionality in this showcase:

  • (US1): Detection of buildings for monitoring and cadastral updating. This workflow gives the opportunity to investigate how commercial software from the current "ecosystem" of mapping authorities relates to and can be incorporated into the IQmulus infrastructure.
  • (US2): Individual tree extraction from urban Laser Mobile Mapping System (LMMS) data.

The popularity of Google StreetView data gives some indication of the potential of LMMS point clouds. The current challenge is to extract meaningful metric information from LMMS point clouds. The US1 have been down prioritized during the project, US2 has been implemented.