The showcase exemplifies how IQmulus could respond to the requirements and expectations of expert users (typically hydrologists or geologists) supporting decision makers in civil protection in events related to flooding. In this sense, the showcase integrates in a unique scenario the user stories selected in the original land-related showcases, and enriches them with additional and “futuristic” aspects.

The text below describes a usage scenario of IQmulus from the perspective of expert users who support decision makers for risk management in critical hydro-meteo events.

The goal of the scenario above is to demonstrate the usefulness of IQmulus to compute rapidly, even roughly, parameters needed to run flooding simulation or landslide models. To this end, it is necessary to elaborate quickly large and heterogeneous datasets, the solution being not only implementing a high-performance computing environment, but primarily devising an intelligent handling and storage of the data.

The showcase is split into the following workflows:

  • (LS1) Organization of the terrain data according to their membership to main alert area (terrain model preparation);
  • (LS2) Analysis and modelling of the observed rain (precipitation analysis);
  • (LS3) Detection and characterization of flood and waterlogging ;
    (LS4) Detection and characterization of landslides.