User related activities

The project’s User Group (organized in WP8) provides critically important input to the key objectives of the project concerning user involvement and partnership building.

With this purpose in mind the group will consist of representatives drawn from the list of current users in this field (e.g., Statoil as energy producer, Vattenfall Europe as energy provider, government authorities from the local to the European level) and from national and pan-European communities (like EUROGI, the European Organisation for Geographic Information or InGeoForum a German Geographic Interest group).

Through inclusion of these user organisations, the customer networks of HRW and of MOSS and through dissemination organisations such as InGeoForum, we have a pool of approximately 500 persons accessible which are potential members of the User group.

Requirements WP1

WP 1 has the role of providing high-level requirements to drive the design of infrastructure in WP 2, but will also provide detailed user requirements to drive the development work carried out on the data integration platform in WP 3, the processing functionalities in WP 4 and the visualisation solutions in WP 5.

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Assessment and Evaluation WP7

The outcomes of the IQmulus effort will be assessed in close cooperation with the members of the User Group to validate the work in three different assessment cycles, the first one on individual prototypes, the second on the first integrated system prototype, and the third on the final system.

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Dissemination and Outreach WP8

Main goals of the Workpackage 8

  • Coordinate the scientific dissemination of project results;
  • Coordinate the outreach activities to the general public;
  • Organize the relationship with the stakeholders in the IQmulus User Group;
  • Provide training material for evaluation and outreach;
  • Organize an IQmulus Processing Contests.
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