Project Life

IQmulus Processing Contests

The objective of the IQmulus Processing Contest (IQPC) is to evaluate the performance of software developed for geospatial data processing, an area which requires expertise from various disciplines: Geometry Processing, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing and Geomatics. 

Examples of geospatial processing tasks are the registration and alignment of heterogeneous point clouds, the classification and extraction of features in spatial datasets, the detection and characterization of dynamic events acquired by remote sensing or LiDAR techniques.  

Programs performance is evaluated through the creation of benchmarks and evaluation methodologies specific for selected processing tasks (IQmulus tracks). Besides the selection of test datasets with a ground truth, IQPC supports the usage of a common infrastructure where the executables submitted are run and results collected and evaluated. For this purpose both WINDOWS and Linux virtual machines will be set up.

Participated Events

Dissemination of results will also be done through participation to fairs, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and other industry related events. Sectorial conferences will be considered for industrial dissemination: partners usually participate along the year to important international sectorial conferences. These will be a good occasion for mainstreaming the results of the project towards suppliers and customers and exploring possibilities for the technology transfer. For each project year we have planned to take part in several possible events with a publication of the IQmulus project results or publications connected to IQmulus project partners. The presented papers can be found in the Publications.