2nd IQmulus Workshop - GeoBigData'15

The second IQmulus Workshop, entitled GeoBigData'15, was organized during the ISPRS Geospatial Week 2015. It hosted two keynotes, the IQmulus Processing Contest (IQPC) special session with 3 track presentations and 17 technical presentations : 3 30' talks and 14 posters with short talks.


In the first keynote, shared with all eventsElmar Eisemann (TU Delft) presented the state of the art in the computer graphics community on the management, visualization and interaction with large-scale geospatial data sets. The second keynote was presented by Robert Emanuele (Azavea), who is the lead developper of Geotrellis. He gave an overview on the rising open source technologies for distributed processing of geospatial big data.

Poster Sessions (Poster + Flash Presentations)

Communications accepted for publication in the ISPRS Archives
Poster Session 1 (Thursday 14:00-15:30): Poster presentation
Poster Session 2 (Friday 11:15-12:45): 5' Oral presentation

  • Ad hoc model generation using multiscale LIDAR data from a geospatial database, Marvin Gordon, Björn Borgmann, Joachim Gehrung, Marcus Hebel and Michael ArensAbstractPaper Slides Poster

  • Classification of big point cloud data using cloud computing, Kun Liu and Jan BoehmAbstractPaper Slides Poster

  • Distributed dimensionality-based rendering of Lidar point clouds, Mathieu Brédif, Bruno Vallet and Benjamin FerrandAbstract Paper Slides Poster

  • Locally Refined Splines Representation for Geospatial Big Data, Tor Dokken, Vibeke Skytt and Oliver BarrowcloughAbstract Paper Slides Poster

  • Operational application of the landsat timeseries to address large area landcover understanding, Peter Scarth, John Armston, Stuart Phinn, Robert Denham, Neil Flood, Lisa Collett, Bec Trevithick, Nick Goodwin, Fiona Watson and Dan TindallAbstract Paper Slides

  • NoSQL for storage and retrieval of large LiDAR data collections, Jan Boehm and Kun Liu.Abstract Paper Slides Poster

  • Towards time-series processing of VHR satellite images for surface deformation detection and measurements, Andre Stumpf, Christophe Delacourt and Jean-Philippe MaletAbstract PaperPoster

  • Big data platform for raster, vector and graph processing, Xavier LopezSlides

  • 3D octree based watertight mesh generation from ubiquitous data, Laurent Caraffa, Bruno Vallet and Brédif MathieuAbstract Paper Slides Poster

  • IQmulus Scalability Testing – First Results, Ewald Quak, Michela Spagnuolo, Holweg Daniel, Mathieu Brédif, Michel Kraemer, Binh Nguyen Thai, Jan Boehm and Norman KiesslichSlidesPoster

  • 3D web visualization of huge CityGML models, Federico Prandi, Marco Soave, Federico Devigili and Raffaele De AmicisAbstract Paper Slides Poster

  • Automated large scale parameter extraction of road-side trees sampled by a Laser mobile mapping system, Roderik Lindenbergh, Dietmar Berthold, Beril Sirmacek, Monica Herrero, Jinhu Wang and Dirk EbersbachAbstract Paper Slides Poster

  • Raster data partitioning for supporting distributed GIS processing, Binh Nguyen and Angéla OlaszAbstract Paper Slides

  • Geoanalytics on-demand paradigm shift, Marc JacquinPaper Slides Poster

Technical Oral Session

Communications accepted for publication in the ISPRS Annals
30' Oral presentation, including questions (Friday 14:00-15:30)

  • Visualisation of Complex 3D City Models on Mobile Webbrowsers using Cloud-Based Image Provisioning, Martin Christen and Stephan NebikerAbstract Paper Slides

  • Point Cloud Server (PCS) : Point clouds in base management and processing, Rémi Cura, Julien Perret and Nicolas Paparoditis (best student paper)Abstract Paper Slides

  • Approximation and Analysis of Rainfall Fields for Environmental Applications, Giuseppe Patané, Andrea Cerri, Vibeke Skytt, Simone Pittaluga, Silvia Biasotti, Tor Dokken, Michela Spagnuolo and Davide Sobrero (best paper)Abstract Paper

IQmulus Processing Contest (IQPC '15) Oral Session

This special session is dedicated to the IQmulus Processing Contest 2015. Communications accepted for publication in the ISPRS Archives
30' Oral presentation, including questions (Friday 16:00-17:30)

  • Tree Separation and Classification in Mobile Mapping Lidar Data, Ben Gorte, Sander Oude Elberink, Beril Sirmacek and Jinhu WangAbstract Paper Slides

  • Water detection and classification on multi-source remote sensing and terrain data, Marta Belenyesi, Daniel Kristof, Angela Olasz, Karoly Bakos, Zoltan Kovacs, Boglarka Balazs and Szilard Szabo Abstract Paper Slides

  • Evaluation of automatically generated 2D footprints from urban lidar data, Linh Truong-Hong, Debra Laefer, Y. Bisheng, H. Ronggang and L. Jianping (best IQPC track)Abstract Paper

  Thursday 1 October Friday 2 October
8:00-9:00 Registration Registration
9:00-9:45 GW Plenary talk GW Plenary talk
9:45-10:00 Opening (colocated workshops). Openning
10:00-10:45 Keynotes (colocated workshops). Keynote: Rob Emanuele (Azavea)
10:45-11:15 Coffee break Coffee break
11:15-12:45 Sessions (colocated workshops) Poster Session 2: Flash Presentations
5' presentations of each poster
12:45-14:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00-15:30 Poster Session 1: Posters
Joint session with ISA and GeoVIS
Oral session 1
15:30-16:00 Coffee break Coffee break
16:00-17:30 Session (colocated workshops) Oral session 2
IQmulus Processing Contest
17:30-17:45 Closing (colocated workshops) Closing & Awards
Evening Social event: Dinner