Cooperating Projects

CloudFlow will enable the remote use of computational services distributed on the cloud, seamlessly integrating these within established engineering design workflows and standards.

3D map generation and updating using big data.

PROTERINA² is a project that aims at the prevention of environmental risks hydrological and forest fires by improving the ability of prediction and prevention of natural hazards and the sharing of information between local government and territory.

The project aims to create a networking for the promotion of best practice in the sustainable management and security of mountain zone also increasing information and the involvement of the population.

The Robinwood plus project aims to apply an innovative approach based on sustainable forest management (through planning, environmental, energy, economy and employment).

The goal of the Terra Mobilita project is to develop new automated processes for creating and updating 3D maps of urban roads, with centimetric accuracy, using mobile lidar scanning systems, and develop new services.

The project aims to integrate innovative forest environmental services in regional policies and to develop systems PES (payment for environmental services)

Forest Resource Estimation For Energy