IQmulus Processing Contest 2014

Since 2013, IQmulus and encourages the participation of the whole scientific community to the evaluation of algorithms and software developed for processing geospatial data. The results of the contest were presented at the Workshop on Processing Large Geospatial Data, organized as a co-located event of the Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing 2014, Cardiff, July 7-11 2014.

IQPC '14 Tracks

1. Urban 3D model generation

1Urban three-dimensional (3D) model generation is a rapidly growing topic for a large range of applicati ons (e.g. environmental planning and monitoring, computational simulation, disaster management, security, telecommunications, location-based services), and Aerial Laser Scanning (ALS) point clouds are a potential source for 3D building reconstruction.
The participants are tasked with finding the buildings in the study area (Task A) and/or reconstructing a subset of them (Task B), as described in the Task section. The participants should submit results to the competition organizers, for evaluation based on ground truth.

Organizers: Dr. Linh Truong-Hong, Prof. Debra Laefer, University College Dublin, Ireland.

2. Urban Point Cloud Classification

We aim at stimulating researchers from differen2kt fields such as Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Geomatics and Remote Sensing, working on the common goal of processing 3D data, benchmarking segmentation and classification methods working on 3D MLS data. This will provide a ground for cross-fertilization and discussions on the future challenges in this important research area.

Organizers: Nicolas Paparoditis, IGN, France - Bruno Vallet, IGN, France - Mathieu Brédif, IGN, France - Beatriz Marcotegui, CMM - MINES ParisTech, France - Andrés Serna, CMM - MINES ParisTech, France,,,

3. Approximation of Rainfall Data

The goal of this contest track was to compare the 3accuracy and performances of generic and specialized approximation techni ques (e.g., RBFs, Splines, Kriging) for rainfall data and to select the most suitable algorithms.

Organizers: Giuseppe Patanè, CNR-IMATI, Italy - Simone Pittaluga, CNR-IMATI, Italy


IQPC’14 Organizers: Silvia Biasotti, IMATI-CNR, Italy - Bianca Falcidieno, IMATI-CNR, Italy

IQPC’14 Committee/Advisory Board: Jan Boehm, UCL, UK - Hamish Carr, Univ. Leeds, UK - Clément Mallet, IGN, France - Debra Laefer, UCD, Ireland - Roderik Lindenbergh, TUDelft, NL, Nicolas Paparoditis, IGN, France - Giuseppe Patanè, IMATI-CNR, Italy

IQPC’14 Technical Board: Corrado Pizzi, Piero Bruno, Davide Sobrero, IMATI-CNR, Italy

The Report on the IQmulus Processing Contest Year 2 available here.