Capabilities and Interests

The organisations - or Centres of Competence - that are members of the IQmulus Network have a wide variety of capabilities and interests in this area. Some represent the end user communities focused on the functions and workflows to process point cloud data and extract useful information from these large datasets. These range from organisations with specialisations in marine data through to organisations looking at urban and land-based applications. Other organisations represent those with a particular interest in the ICT infrastructures which can be created to optimally process such data. This includes cloud architectures and the associated parallelisation algorithms and also visualisation technologies ranging from client applications through to 'phone apps and fully immersive visualisation.

These capabilities have been collected together into a demonstrator, the IQmulus Demonstration System (or IQDS). Please feel free to have a go at running one of the sample workflows.

IQmulus Demo System

IQmulus Demo System

The best way to start your IQmulus experience is by clicking around the IQmulus Demo System (IQDS). This is a fully functional installation of the IQmulus System with sample data and predefined workflows, yet you are free to make modifications and run processes.

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