IQmulus is a network of organisations interested in the processing of 'big data' point clouds such as datasets produced by Lidar, Sonar and Laser Mobile Mapping. Members range from ICT organisations developing the latest computing infrastructures, to research organisations developing the latest algorithms, and end users applying ideas to support reliable decision making. If you share any of these interests we would be pleased to hear from you!


Marine DEM generation: deconflicted elevation model generated from point cloud data [Workflow MS1]


The aim of this workflow is  to generate a single seamless surface from multiple disparate point cloud source data in a rapid and flexible way, and to visualize it.

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Project Consortium


IQmulus brings together 12 partners from basic research, applied research, industry, land management agencies (user partners) and industry to form a world class team on intelligent information management in the field of heterogeneous geo-spatial information processing.

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Big Data Analytics for Engineering and Science

The second workshop organized by TEKNA, SINTEF and Sirius Centre on Big Data Analytics for Engineering and Science will take place in Oslo, Norway on June 15, 2017.


Presentation at the Alpine Research 2017 Summer School

More information here. Contact Roderik Lindenbergh (Department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Delft University of Technology)


Exploitation and Maintenance Period

IQmulus has begun its Exploitation and Maintenance Period as of 1st November 2016.

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